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One Response to THE FAMILY REUNION OF ’52

  1. Malcolm McDonald says:

    Faye, I enjoyed reading about your family’s 1952 reunion. I have about a dozen pictures taken by some family member of our 1952 [could have been 1951] family reunion, so your account rang vivid bells for me. When I read your mention of “Daddy’s financed Hudson Hornet”, I knew this is going to be good, and it was. I had an Uncle Tommy that drove a Hudson Hornet, and he was proud of his, too, like your Daddy. I identified with those occasions when my Daddy was driving along in our 1936 Oldsmobile sedan [back in the 1940’s] packed with Mama, Daddy , and us six kids, with me wrestling with the same urge you so eloquently described. I felt your relief with your final solution.

    This was a treasure to read as it evoked some rich memories of my growing-up years. Thank you.

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