The Armored Guerrilla of Pine Flat

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6 Responses to The Armored Guerrilla of Pine Flat

  1. I remember when I sent MCOA to you and you responded with extreme distaste for these critters. It’s so much better when you can instill in them the characteristics you want. This is the life of a fiction picture book writer. Seriously, I had no idea when writing MCOA that they could be so destructive; I’d only seen them as road-kill in Texas!

  2. Diane says:

    Love this!
    Good Luck Benjamin!

  3. Malcolm McDonald says:

    Good report, Faye. With Ben’s commitment and perseverance, I am confident he will prevail in the end.

    • Faye Gibbons says:

      I don’t know–I was just now checking our asparagus beds and noticed that he had dug several places in the bed and right next to one of our blueberry bushes. I think Benjamin is going to have to do what I have been trying to get him do ever since our beloved Boxer, Bo, died three years ago: get a new dog! We never had an armadillo for long with Bo on the job. Only problem was he liked to kill them out in the woods where they could ripen away from our attention. He usually worked in two or three rolls before we could locate the body. Thanks for following my blog. I’m trying to build a reader base. Faye

  4. Ben says:

    Maybe you need to watch “Caddyshack.”

    “Great green gobs of greasy, grimy gopher guts….”

  5. Laurie Gibbons says:

    This is hilarious!!! Love it! 🙂 (Love you too!!!)

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